I’m feeling nervous, afraid
Can we go back,
because isn’t even the shallowest wave still blue

There are those that can scream
with baby shoes, indignation
The bursts and the taps,
but will it last

What about next week, though
And after a month
A year?
what’s the trending hashtag then

We the people
can we outlast, sustain
Fill those ballot boxes
well, if we’re allowed

Be mindful of those that stand to gain
no matter the stance
Some dream of being Kim K or old Kanye
but some higher, a more indelible mark

Their name in the history books
remembered forever in 5 foot letters above your local highway
It’s easy to forget morals when your life’s work is on the line
highest bidder wins

The aim is the same
always fear the change
My freedom at any cost
please, open your eyes

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