Writing Portfolio

Professional Writing

Including legal, tax, HR, and payroll articles. My favorite pieces are the one’s that allow me to take my legal experience and turn out an article that is both easily understood by all and, at least in my dreams, maybe a bit fun.

How to Obtain a Patent

Do I Need a Federal Qualification for my Startup?

New Trends in HR: The Chief Talent Officer

New Federal Regs Could Impact Your Small Business

5 Issues to Consider When Creating Timekeeping Policies

Personal Writing

To Some of Those I Love

Do I Want to be a Blogger?

Make A Flash

This is my series combining anonymously submitted photographs and using as a writing prompt.

Make A Flash: Vol. 1 – Rena!!!


Getting to Know Me

I am as diverse and different as each of these pieces. I am a law school graduate and have spent my time diving into legal research and writing. I’ve spent a number of years as a tax compliance specialist for two payroll providers. I’m also a recent cancer survivor (leukemia), a voracious reader, and a die-hard Cincinnati Bengals fan. I’m an aspiring and hopeful novelist. I am always planning my next trip. And, I’m a performer at heart. I attended undergrad for both vocal performance (opera, soprano) and English. I also may be slightly obsessed with dogs. My 5 yo German Shepherd, Quentin, is quite possibly my best friend.

Ultimately, it is my goal to help and change at least one person’s life whether through my writing, advocacy, or life experiences.

I can’t lie, I am a different human after my cancer battle. But, this is not a bad thing. Actually, it’s very good! Please, let me dive in and take this energy, passion, and initiative to help you!

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